Friday, February 28, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WEEK #9 (March 3-7)

Monday, March 3 - Study review for UK/Mexico Test

Tuesday, March 4 - Essay Test for UK/Mexico (Essay Questions Link)

Wednesday, March 5 - Identification Test for UK/Mexico

Thursday, March 6 - Invictus

Friday, March 7 - Invictus

Friday, February 21, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WEEK #8 (February 24-28)

UK Mexico Essay Questions

Drug War Sites

TED Talk on Drug Cartels

February 24 - Mexico: Political and Economic Change
HW: Citizens, Society and the State p.351-357

February 25 - Mexico: Citizens, Society and State
HW: Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions) p.357-370

February 26 - Mexico: Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions)
HW: Political Institutions (Government) p.370-378

February 27 - Mexico: Political Institutions (Government)
HW: Policies and Issues p. 378-390

February 28- Mexico: Policy and Issues
HW: Begin studying for Test on March 3 and 4

Thursday, February 13, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WEEK #7 (February 17-21)

February 17 - No School

February 18 - E.U. Activity Travel Activity

February 19 - E.U. PPT and Post Test

February 20 - Mexico Picture Quiz, Mexico Pre-Test
HW: Read Mexico: Sovereignty, Authority and Power pg 337-343

February 21 -  Mexico: Sovereignty, Authority and Power
HW: Read Mexico: Political and Economic Change

Friday, February 7, 2014

A.P. COMP GOV'T: WEEK #6 (February 10-14)


Feb.10 - Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions) HW: Read 133-142

Feb.11 -Institutions of Government (House of Commons, House of Lords, Monarch and Judiciary)  HW: Northern Ireland PPT, Read 142-150

Feb.12 - Discuss Northern Ireland, Show Videos, HW: Read Rosemary Lawlor Chapter

Feb.13 -Book Discussion - Post Test over Great Britain

Feb.14 - No School
Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work