Friday, January 31, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WK #5 (February 3-7)


Feb.3 - CIA World Factbook and G.B. Picture Quiz, HW: Read pg. 91-104 Sovereignty, Authority and Power Great Britain

Feb.4 - Sovereignty. Authority and Power for G.B., HW: Read pg. 104-110 Political and Economic Change

Feb.5 - Political and Economic Change for G.B., HW: Read pg. 110-119 Citizens, Society and State

Feb.6 - Citizens, Society and State for G.B., HW: Read pg. 119-133 Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions)

Feb.7 - Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions) for G.B. HW: Read pg. 133- 142 Institutions of National Government

U.S. Race Ethnic Makeup
BBC Elections

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Honors American Government, January 30-31, 2014

 Honors American Government Students Lesson Plans for Thursday and Friday, January 30 and 31st

Thursday, January 30th

During class, break into discussion groups and do the following:
  1. Go through Chapter 3 together and write down any questions your group has over the chapter.
  2. After each group is done with this, share any questions you have with the whole class.  See if you can help each other understand the material better.  
  3. Finally, the substitute will also be available for you to ask if needed.
  4. At home or in class on your devices, please watch the following short videos:
Constitution Formation

George Washington's Importance

Constitutional Convention Video - Pretty Good Review, except the House of Representation reference. 

These videos should help you prepare for the test on Friday.  Don't forget that your Cornell Notes are also due on Friday.

Friday, January 31st

Ch.3 Test and Cornell Notes are due, study time after all tests are finished.

Friday, January 24, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WEEK #4 (January 27-31)

The other side of outsourcing video by Thomas Friedman

January 27 - Finish discussion over Revolution 2.0 and Rev 2.0 Test

January 28 - What is Globalization? Block Schedule due to NESA W

January 29 - " " Block Schedule due to NESA W

January 30 - Challenges to Globalization

January 31 - Challenges to Globalization

Monday, January 20, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WEEK #3 (January 20-24)

Class Activities and Reading Schedule:

January 20 -  Teacher Inservice

January 21 -  Book Club Discussion over Ch.2 and Ch.3, HW: Read Ch.6 "January 25, 2011", student developed questions.

January 22 -  Book Club Discussion over Ch.6, HW: Read Ch.7 "My name is 41", student developed questions.

January 23 -  Book Club Discussion over Ch.7, HW: Read Ch.8 "The Dungeon", student developed questions.

January 24 -  Book Club Discussion over Ch.8, HW: Read Ch.9 "A Pharaoh Falls" and "Epilogue", student developed questions.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

AP COMP GOVT: WEEK #2 (January 13-17)

Class Activities and Reading Schedule:

January 13 - Discussion-Topic 5: Political Institutions, HW: Read Topic 6: Public Policy p.73-77

January 14 - Discussion-Topic 6: Public Policy, Formative Multiple Choice Introduction Test

January 15 - Democratization Matrix Project

January 16 - In-Class: Arab Spring and Revolution 2.0 Prologue, HW: Read Ch.1 Regime of Fear, student developed questions.

January 17 - Book Club Discussion over Ch.1, HW: Read Ch.2 Searching for a Savior, student developed questions.