Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Obama: Healthcare Hurts Numbers


Mister T said...

So, I totally agree that when a president loses popularity, that it is normal, but here's a thought.
Before the 08 election, I predicted that because of all the social, economical, and international problems the US would face, that the president, democrat or republican, would become so unpopular that the American people would get fed up and opposite party would take power in 2012. We'll see if this happens to Obama and the democrats

Highlighters said...

During Clinton's try at health care, the house was controlled by the democrats his first 2 years. He still didn't get it passed then in 1993. I don't think that enough has happened to change the results in only 16 years. Plus right off the back Clinton had higher approval ratings than Obama ever has.

SRGsmg said...

I completely agree with Mista T! in the next election for president I predict that a conservative or Republican will win just because of voters hoping for a drastic change and wanting a new party in.

Madonna Wayne Gacy said...

Yeah, the American people just are NOT feeling socialized healthcare.

What I think is funny though, is that the government is trying to radically reform the healthcare system.


"Because healthcare is TOO EXPENSIVE!!!"

Well, has anybody given a thought as to why healthcare is so expensive?

Since the 1960's, the US government has been adding mandates for insurers, saying that each insurance plan MUST cover, for example, mammograms once a year.

Well, that will cause insurance plans to get more costly, considering companies are covering more than they were.

Here's a complete list of mandates:

There are more than 2000 mandates. If we took these out, wouldn't prices go down almost instantly? Yes, they would.

But someone might ask "If you took out these mandates, the companies wouldn't cover anything!!"

Well, the point of insurers is to cover a certain SET of things. If it's not in the SET that you've bought, sucks to be you. Of course, it would be nice to have the best insurance for everyone. But does everyone have the best car insurance? NO!! THEY CAN'T AFFORD IT!! Same with healthcare.

And let's not forget that the driving logic behind the "public option" is that it will increase competition....

Well, take down the state lines, and there we go. More competition.

There we go. Problem solved. Healthcare for all that "can't afford it" in a free market way.

Capitalism 1.

Socialism 0.