Friday, November 8, 2013



Monday, November 11 - Unit 3 Essay Test

Tuesday, November 12 - Unit 3 M.C. Test

Wednesday, November 13 -Discuss end of year plan, read & annotate packet and group discussion over packet topics 

Thursday, November 14 - Political Socialization - Students read the polling data from Gallup in class: We will also be looking at demographics and voter behavior.  How do factors such as education, income, religion, race and ethnicity, and gender impact voting?  Are there trends?

Friday, November 15 - Creating and using surveys and survey data

FYI - For this last unit, we will be using summaries and hippocampus videos instead of reading all of the chapters in our textbook.  This will eliminate an overload of heavy textbook reading assignments.  After the Unit 3 Test is completed, we will have one more unit test this semester.  This test will cover information from the following chapters/topics:

Ch.6 Public Opinion and Political Socialization - Summary and pages 181,182,183, 186 and 189.
Ch.7 Interest Groups - Summary
Ch.8 Political Parties - Read and take notes
Ch.9 Voting and Elections - Summary
Ch.10 Campaigning and Elections - Read and take notes
Ch.16 Economic Policy - Summary
Ch.17 Foreign Policy and National Security - Summary

Thank you for your hard work in APGOV!  Although we are not finished yet, I am pleased with the effort and interest for APGOV this semester.  Finish Strong!

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