Friday, January 31, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WK #5 (February 3-7)


Feb.3 - CIA World Factbook and G.B. Picture Quiz, HW: Read pg. 91-104 Sovereignty, Authority and Power Great Britain

Feb.4 - Sovereignty. Authority and Power for G.B., HW: Read pg. 104-110 Political and Economic Change

Feb.5 - Political and Economic Change for G.B., HW: Read pg. 110-119 Citizens, Society and State

Feb.6 - Citizens, Society and State for G.B., HW: Read pg. 119-133 Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions)

Feb.7 - Political Institutions (Linkage Institutions) for G.B. HW: Read pg. 133- 142 Institutions of National Government

U.S. Race Ethnic Makeup
BBC Elections

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