Friday, March 28, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: WEEK 12 (March 31- April 4)

Monday, March 31 - Nigeria Geography Work, Discuss Nigeria: Sovereignty, Authority and Power
HW: Read Nigeria: Political and Economic Change and Nigeria's Democratic Generals Article

Tuesday, April 1 - Prebendalism and Sharia Law, Era since Independence (1960 to Present)
HW: Read Nigeria: Citizens, Society and State

Wednesday, April 2 - Nigeria: Citizens, Society and State
HW: Read Nigeria: Linkage Institutions pg. 491-499

Thursday, April 3 - Nigeria: Linkage Institutions
HW: Read Nigeria: Political Institutions pg. 499-506

Friday, April 4 - Political Institutions
HW: Read Nigeria: Public Policy pg. 506-514
Boko Haram Reading

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