Monday, April 28, 2014

AP COMP GOV'T: Week 16-18 (April 28-May 16)

Week #16

Monday, April 28 - Argo Iran Introduction, HW: Iran: Sovereignty Authority and Power and Political and Economic Change

Tuesday, April 29 - Iranian History: Anatomy of a Revolution Videos, HW: Citizens, Society and State

Wednesday, April 30 - Iran: Legacy of a Revolution Videos, HW: Iranian Linkage Institutions

Thursday, May 1 - Iranian Linkage Institutions, HW: Iranian Political Institutions and Iranian Public Policy

Friday, May 2 - Iranian Political Institutions and Public Policy

Week #17

Monday, May 5 - Iranian M.C. Test and CIA World  Factbook Due Date

Tuesday, May 6 - China and Iran Essay Test

Wednesday, May 7 - China and Iran Identification Test, Senior Book Check In

Thursday, May 8 - Test Makeup Day, Handout Final Project PPT to students and go over it with them

Friday, May 9 - Project Work Day

Week #18

Monday thru Friday, May 11-16 - Project Work time, Tests returned sometime this week

Week #19 

Finals Day - Building a Dictatorship Project

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