Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stem Cell Research

Before December 10th, 2008, I had never known the real function of a stem cell, I had only heard about them. After watching an episode of South Park that had to do with the benefits of stem cells, I was more interested in the topic. For those of you who haven't done your own  research, stem cells are cells that have not been developed for a certain part of the body. Three main resources for stem cells are adult cells, embryonic cells, and cord cells. However, most of the controversy is over the extracting of embryonic cells.

Why? Those who value human life, AKA pro-choicers, oppose the destruction of the embryo because they see it as a human life. Is this considered murder? In, my opinion, I don't think so because the fertilized egg has the POTENTIAL to be a human life, it's not one yet. These cells could possibly cure many diseases because of the ability to adapt to other cells of the body. For example, stem cells could replace neural cells in the brain that have been damaged. They can also replace damaged cells from the cancer treatment radiation.

Two sides: Saving the potential human life, or the possibility of curing diseases like parkinsan's disease. Which one do you choose?

--miles of smiles

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ace1453 said...

I think a better way to end that blog would be the choice is: saving potential human life, or saving human life.