Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Illegal Immigration Effects in America

The United States' borders have been lightly protected and illegal immigrants have been crossing in uncontrollable numbers. There is an estimated 22 million illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration has been a breeding ground for many thorns in the United States' side. These thorns include, but are not limited to, crime, disease, and burdening the tax payers of the United States.

Illegal immigrants have many different ways of getting here. Some simply come here on a visa and never leave. Others use false identifications and other false documents to stay here. Some cross the dangerous terrain, guided by "coyotes," people paid to smuggle them across, and avoid the Border patrol to get here. Some are smuggled across in vans in large groups. In all methods they face great risk. There is always a risk of getting deported if caught. There is the danger of the wilderness. The guide could ditch them and leave them for dead. People have died from vans with illegal immigrants stuffed in it crashing.

Anywhere from 700,000 to 1,289,000 crimes are committed by illegal immigrants each year. Most crimes by illegal immigrants go unrecorded. These crimes end up costing the victims, and all Americans, too. In 2003, about 267,000 illegal immigrants were incarcerated, and in Federal correctional facilities. That statistic is costing Americans 6.8 billion dollars a year.

The crimes illegal immigrants commit leave deep scars in the American society. About 2,200 people are murdered by illegal immigrants per year. Close to 131,000 cases of sexual crimes are recorded a year. Crimes illegal immigrants commit also stretch to drug trafficking. About 80% of all drugs and narcotics come from across our southern border. About 4.5 million pounds of cocaine come across our borders, which totals to 72 billion dollars worth of cocaine on the streets of America.

Many illegal immigrants are wanted for repulsive crimes. In Los Angeles, out of 1,500 homicide warrants, 95% of those are for illegal immigrants. Out of 17,000 wanted fugitives there, 67% are illegal immigrants. The ratio of sex offenders is higher in the illegal immigrant population than it is to the general population. A sample of 1,500 sexual crimes shows 35% of those were molestations, 24% were rapes, and 41% of them were sexual homicides.

MS-13, a gang mostly made from illegal immigrants, is considered by the FBI to be the most dangerous gang, and one of the fastest growing. It is a gang formed from guerilla soldiers in El Salvador. It has been infecting areas of mass illegal immigrant population. The gang is spreading to places once considered safe. MS-13 has infected 33 states. The crimes this organization commits are some of the most violent and gruesome police have seen. One Virginia woman was kidnapped and taken to Florida where she was beaten and raped. They are responsible for most of the drug, weapon, and human smuggling across the border.

Illegal immigration also is a problem because they do not have insurance or driver's licenses. When illegal immigrants get into wrecks, they tend to be hit and run because they have no insurance. This puts the financial burden on the victim. Illegal immigrants also tend to drive drunk or impaired more, pair that with the fact that they can't read road signs and many accidents happen that cause fatalities. Like Min Soon Chang who was killed by an illegal immigrant, Jorge Humberto Hernandez-Soto, going 100 miles per hour down the wrong side of the highway. Jorge Humberto Hernandez-Soto had been deported 17 times before this tragic incident.

Not all victims of these terrible collisions die. Many victims face years of rehab to get to their once normal state. John Hesler was hit in 2003 by an illegal immigrant in an uninsured car. John would then face many years in rehab knowing the person who put him into this situation escaped back to Mexico. There are many more sad stories of people killed or maimed by illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens are also clogging up our hospitals. Because of the Emergency Medical Treatment Act of 1985, hospitals are required to treat illegal aliens. They have no way of paying the hospital bills. This forces the hospital to close. From 1993 to 2003, 84 hospitals were closed in California due to free services provided to illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants are also bringing diseases that have never been here or have been eradicated here. Tuberculosis has sprung out of control in the illegal population. It costs thousands of dollars to treat. Also leprosy, or Hansen's Disease, Dengue Fever, and Polio have found their way back into the United States.

When illegal aliens come here, they have what is called an "anchor baby." This acts as their anchor to stay here. Any one born inside the borders automatically becomes a citizen. About 350,000 anchor babies are born each year. Since they are citizens they get welfare money. Thousands of tax payer dollars are fed into families of illegal immigrants each year. Thousands of illegal immigrants then stay here and jam the thorns into the sides of Americans every day.

For the children of illegal immigration there is a language gap. Most do not speak English, so the government must spend more to educate illegal aliens. The cost per year to educate them is 34.5 billion dollars. Most will not even continue on the secondary schooling. This money could be better spent on resources for our schools or better pay for the teachers. It could also hire more teachers to create better learning environments.

Illegal immigration is more than just one singular problem. It is like a weed that has a very complex root system. While many people think it is just one problem, they do not see thet amount of damage it causes. Thousands of people die from the crimes and the diseases it brings. Billions of dollars out of tax payer's wallets go to take care of illegal immigrants. Billions for extra education, and billions for treatment of third world diseases.




Interview by Rita Cosby. MSNBC.



MachV said...

What if instead of trying to stop illegal immigration, we focused on curing what's causing it? Arms trafficking from the US to Mexico and other Latin American countries are responsible for putting the cartels and gangs in power. These same gangs resort to drug trafficking and violence in order to stay in power, which has caused the situation to degrade in countries such as Mexico. The governments of these countries become corrupt and useless, and the general population and standard of living suffer. This is what driving illegal immigrants over the border into the US. The gangs and cartels then follow the immigrants over the border seeking to expand their customer base, wealth, and power. And all this has come about because instead of solving the problem of Mexico's weak government and offering aid for their increasing problem with law enforcement, Americans continue to make money by selling weapons to the gangs and cartels, while forcing immigrants to enter the country illegally in order to avoid the problem that we have helped create.

typhoid penny said...

Ok I agree with MachV. Also ... how about a solution, Batman? I didn't like how you presented us with all of these statistics, and then you don't give us any solution or even a solution idea. Just a thought.

Meatloaf said...

I am all for people coming to the US, only I think that they should fill out the proper paper work and come here when their paper work is accepted

Anonymous said...

MachV, I don't know enough about the Mexican government to agree with you entirely, but I definitely agree that what the United States is currently doing is not resulting in much progress.

Meatloaf, I agree with you, also, that immigration is cool after the proper paperwork is done, but maybe a better solution is for our government to make the process easier on immigrants?


Germ-x said...

Those statistics were kind of really scary, not going to lie. But I agree with MachV. Also, we need to really crack down on border control. Once we have that under control, the U.S. needs to start enforcing the removal of illegal immmigrants and try to stop drug trafficing as much as possible and stop the crimes they are comminting.