Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research is one of the most controversial disputes that our national government is trying to settle. There are many arguments against stem cell research, but the main argument is that embryonic stem cell research is morally wrong. I disagree. So many successful stories have come from embryonic stem cell research that it's ridiculous we are still fighting over this issue.
Everyone gets touchy when it comes to embryonic cell research. Embryonic cells are taken from an egg after it is fertilized. The first source of embryonic cells was from a 5 to 9 week old fetus, taken from a pregnant female having an abortion. Now there is a new method that is called in vitro fertilization. This process is all done in a lab and does not require an abortion. The problem with embryonic research for many people is that they consider it murder. I do not consider this murder because the in vitro method does not require an abortion. Many cases there are surpluses of embryos left after this procedure, and the extra cells can be given to other couples or frozen to be used for future research.
While our country is fighting an endless fight, Britain has made a huge difference with stem cell research. British researchers at Sheffield University have managed to grow tiny hair cells found in the ear, which one day could help repair hearing in deaf patients. Professors Martin Birchall and Anthony Hollander from the University of Bristol teamed up with doctors to form one of the first organs made from stem cells. They created a windpipe that was transplanted into 30 year old Claudia Castillo. Professor Hollander also invented "cellular bandages" from bone marrow that can be used to repair torn knee cartilage.
Stem cell research has amazing potential to save human lives someday. Look at all the good Britain has done! Embryonic research can lead us closer to finding the cure of Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's Disease, birth defects, spinal cord injuries, etc. America could be doing the same if we would just stop fighting over this issue.
--Left Sock


Anonymous said...

Dear Left Sock,

One argument against stem cell research that you should have acknowledged is how invitro fertilization is trading one potential human life to extend another human's life. What makes a cure to Parkinson's disease, which currently has other treatments, more important than creating another life?


Germ-x said...

I'm all for stem-cell research. It can save so many lives and solve a lot of health related issues. As long as your not killing anything to obtain what you need, then go for it.