Sunday, August 25, 2013

AP GOV Week #2 (August 26-30)

Module #2 (August 26-30)

Hippocampus Videos - watch Articles of Confederation, U.S. Constitution, Structure of the Constitution and Principles of the Constitution.
Ch.2 PPT
Thomas Jefferson Video

In-Class Activities
Monday, August 26 - Ch.2 Note Check, Interesting Question Discussion, Multiple Choice Questions Formation based on Objectives

Tuesday, August 27 - George Washington and James Madison: Articles of Confederation to the Constitutional Convention.

Wednesday, August 28 -  Federalist 10 and 51

Thursday, August 29 - Card Sort Review - Discussion Day

Friday, August 30 - Ch.2 Formative Assessment

Module #2 (August 26-30) - Assignments
Monday, August 26 - Chapter 2 Notes are due, Interesting Question due.  Watch excerpt from Ken Burns Series on Thomas Jefferson starting at 27:33.  Watch throughout the formation of the Declaration of Independence. 

Tuesday, August 27 - Constitutional Card Sort bring to class finished on Thursday.

Wednesday, August 28 - Prepare for Discussion Day and Formative Test

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