Thursday, August 8, 2013

APGOV Week #1 (August 14-23)

Welcome to Advanced Placement United States Government and Politics!

I will post your week at a glance and assignments here every week! 


Wednesday, August 14 - Syllabus, Book Checkout and Get to Know You
Thursday, August 15 - Seating Chart, Module Expectations, Good Questions vs. Bad Questions, Cornell Notes, Work Time 
Friday, August 16 - Pre-Test, Work Time

Monday, August 19 - Pre-Test Results, Note Check, Interesting Questions, Multiple Choice Questions by Objective
Tuesday, August 20 - Political Culture Activity
Wednesday, August 21 - Political Ideology Test - Ideology Paper Due (see below for details)
Thursday, August 22 - Discussion Day
Friday, August 23 - Formative Quiz over Ch.1, Work Time for Module #2

MODULE #1 (August 14-23) - ASSIGNMENTS
*Assignments 1-4 DUE on Monday, August 18th.
*Assignment 5 Due on Thursday, August 22nd.
  1. Watch Cornell note video posted above as a reminder of what you are required to do for this first week. 
  2. Read and take Cornell Notes over Ch.1 of Schmidt (1-28)
  3. View the PPT for Ch.1
  4. Watch and take Cornell Notes over the Hippocampus video on Theories of Democracy 
  5. Write a 1st person, two page, 12 font, double spaced paper answering the following items: 
    1. Describe the results of your test? Please explain what a person in your ideology typically believes.
    2. How does the test result fit with what you think generally about politics?
    3. Describe your family interaction in regards to politics. Is it a common discussion topic or do you barely discuss politics?  Is there general agreement or disagreement?  Do you come from a politically divided home? 
    4. How does your ideology fit with your perceptions of your parent's or friends political beliefs?
    5. Upload your paper to Your password is: titans


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