Saturday, September 28, 2013

AP GOV WEEK #7 (Sept.30-Oct.4)

Ch.12 PPT
Hippocampus Videos
Qualifications and Qualities
Rules and Contingencies
Express Roles
Traditional Roles and Special Powers
Approval Ratings and Public Perception

In Class Activities:

Monday, September 30 - Interesting Question, Formative Question Formation and Note Check over Ch.12

Tuesday, October 1 - Presidential Powers and Roles Activity

Wednesday, October 2 - Electoral College, Presidential Approval and Simulation Presidential Selection

Thursday, October 3 - Impeachment, Succession and Disability - (Discussion Day)

Friday, October 4 - Ch.12 Formative Quiz and Simulation Explanation


Wednesday, October 2 - Read "What if Washington Blows Up" article by Yale Professor Bruce Ackerman and be ready to discuss on Thursday, October 3.

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