Monday, November 2, 2009

#1 Problem in U.S. getting no attention.

Food Security, poverty, energy resources, environmental degradation, and the world habituation are just a few problems in the world today. How can each of these be connected to one central idea thought? The problem is Over Population.

            The definition of overpopulation is to fill with an excessive number of people, straining available resources and facilities.  Earth's population is about 6.8 billion people as of now. This is about 4 times more then a century ago and it's been predicted by 2050 to reach 420 Million. Each of these people using more resources depleting the amount of useful resources we can use. Knowing then that the population is steadily increasing and energy consumption is going up at an equivalent rate to it then the question is does the U.S. need to implement population control?

            Looking at the statistics above and the amount of problems arising due to over population it'd be arrogant to say no. Go back to the first sentence in the paper and all these problems can be directly related back to overpopulation. More people mean more consumers meaning less food. More people around money is then spread more scarcely or only a certain number can obtain it as the economy can't provide jobs. Energy resources which is directly related to environmental degradation has been proven as more 3rd rate countries get technological advances the amount of resources available deplete drastically. Lastly, the world can only hold so many people. 

    With population control being needed what regulation then can be put out that wouldn't offend citizens? None. There is no regulation that wouldn't offend citizens. Having their number of children being mandated by the government is going to upset a lot of people weather it's a set rate for everyone or a formula with different variables such as their income and savings. 

  There is another spectrum to this though that probably more controversial. Where there is life there is death. If people don't want their births controlled then it's going to have to be deaths. There are approximately 11,000 births in the U.S. a day yet only 6744 deaths on an average day.  Huge problem here isn't there. So it's either we can either start making people not live so long and raise the death rates to match the birth rates or control birth and get them to match death rates. Either way problems are going to occur.

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