Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Fate To Cruel

Let us start with a statistic 22% of males are raped during their time behind bars. This is an absolutely disturbing number. Obviously our current system is flawed. Regardless of their crime committed inmates do not deserve to be raped. It is estimated that over 300,000 instances of prison rape happen over the course of a year. While we all only think that its just inmates raping each other, it has actually leaked over to the security and prison staff that are the ones doing the raping in prison. One of five inmates has admitted to be sexually abused during their time in prison. This statistic does not include the millions that never report being raped. We need to take in all the horrifying accounts of grown forced to dress as woman and being forced into acting completely feminine. There is no plausible reason to not allow any legislation regarding prison rape to pass. Rape in prisons is a large cause of the spread of HIV/AIDS. While we did pass the Prison Rape Elimination Act, this is not enough. The only thing that act did was identify whom the rapist where but offered no prevention matters. 196,000 rapes in prison are estimated to happen to men and 123,000 estimated to have happen to men in county jail.(Compared to only an estimated 5,000 women) 40,000 are estimated to have been committed against boys in either adult prisons or while in juvenile facilitates. We need to bring these frightening numbers down. Regardless of an inmates crime they do not deserve this sexual abuse from their peers and the people put in power in order to "protect" them.

Rodney Hulin didn't deserve what happened to him. Rodney was 16 and small for his age when he committed a minor crime, setting a Dumpster on fire in an alley. Charged with arson, he was sentenced to an adult prison, where he was repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted.
Officials ignored his written pleas for help. Prison staff brushed off his mother's attempts to protect her child. Unable to endure a life of constant torture, Rodney hanged himself in January 1996 – 75 days after entering prison. We need to work to prevent anything like what happened to poor Rodney. The only way of doing this is to work to reform our prison system. Otherwise we are only subjecting the people currently in our correctional system to the cruel and unusual punishment that our constitution prohibits us from enduring.  


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