Saturday, November 7, 2009

Illegal Immigration is Good for Business

About half of the illegal immigration population are employed in skilled jobs, is this a good thing? Minimum wage or higher costing labor with a usual amount of taxes going back to the government , or very cheap labor creating more money for their employers and no money going back to the government? Easy choice for the employer, equilly simple choice for the taxpaying citizen.
With the economy in the shape that it has been lately, companies have felt it and have been looking for a way to ease the pain and employ cheap labor. Conveniently enough, this has been a time in our countries history where there have been more illegal immigrants than ever. Businesses are realizing that the least likely to covet a significant amount of money from a job would be an employee who would not have to pay any taxes on their paycheck. This cheap labor helps give businesses a decent boost and a bonus due to the fact that they spend less money on their employees and can invest more money in their company.
On the other hand, if businesses are hiring illegal immigrants instead of taxpaying citizens, they could lead to numerous problems. One of which would be, if illegal immigrants have a job, that means that an equally or more qualified taxpaying citizen will not receive the same position. This leads to the problem that illegal immigrants are stealing American jobs. The part never focused on is that these are low wage jobs to begin with, and why would would a more qualified worker settle for less than they are qualified for? So the point being made is that these jobs do not draw in many American citizens in the first place because they are jobs that no American wants. So why not let illegal immigrants do them?
Illegal immigration in the work-force is a bitter sweet issue, it is good for business but it is murder to the economy, but business stimulates the economy, making illegal immigrant workers the most practical kind.

- Mega Lord Master Of The Universe

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