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Drug Legalization

Drug Legalization
People have opinions on topics that involve every part of daily life. Many individuals in society think differently about what is right and what is wrong. Whether it is the topic of abortion, gay marriage, or drug legalization, every person has his or her own thoughts on what is acceptable. That is what makes up some of the most interesting topics people talk about today. Drug legalization is one of the hottest arguments currently talked about all over the United States, to legalize or not to legalize?
There are many pros and cons about this touchy subject. Some say that if drugs were legalized then it would lead to economic benefits. People would no longer have to secretly sell drugs and the drugs could then be taxed. Some offer that legalizing drugs would also be beneficial because then the money could be used for people's health and education. Another pro is the fact that legalizing drugs would reduce the crime rate since people would no longer have to steal or kill for drugs. The people in jail for selling drugs might get a new chance to start over and then jail cells would be less crowded. If drugs were regulated then it might decrease the amount of deaths because clean needles would be used, and HIV and AIDS cases would therefore decline.
Although crime would decline in some areas it may increase in others. Legalizing drugs might increase the risk of people committing a crime while intoxicated. Drug markets probably wouldn't disappear because there would still be people wanted to buy the drugs at a cheaper price. Many people also think that if they legalize marijuana it will just lead to legalizing too many other drugs. It is a well know fact that some kids already drink alcohol and smoke illegally, so will harder drugs just become a normal everyday thing if legalized?
If drugs were legalized, the economy might lose more money due to building rehabilitation centers and hospitals for people who are addicted to drugs and get sick because of their bad side effects. There are many unknown health effects caused from doing drugs.  Drugs may change people's mental state and may lead to bigger problems such as people robbing, raping, and doing harm to others in society. Drugs often affect how people act and make decisions. These affects may cause a person to do things that he would not normally do because of being under the influence of drugs. Drugs might impair a driver's vision and cause that individual not to see clearly while driving.  Drugs could also change a person's physical appearance. Skin color might turn a dark or yellow color and wrinkles might occur. Drugs could also cause body sores, change the appearance of an individual's nails and thin a person's hair.
Drugs do harm too many people in society. If drugs were not legalized society could stay away from many problems.  Although there are many good reasons why drugs should be legalized there are also many reasons they shouldn't. This matter is still being debated and if there is one thing to agree on, then it's the fact that this subject will not go away for a long time.
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