Friday, January 29, 2010

Pro Gambling

Pro Gambling

Gambling is a very good thing to have in a state's government. Not only does it provide entertainment for its customers and create jobs, but it also brings money into the economy. With a cash-cow such as casinos, we would slowly rise from the debt that we have dug ourselves into.

The main reason for gambling is the chance to earn the big bucks, money. It's not all in slots or card games, but the lottery and scratch are very popular ways to gamble. You spend a dollar or two on a lottery ticket, and come next Saturday, you are a millionaire! This is what every person who gambles looks to do, become rich over night. People love the risk, and getting that extra rush makes it even more fun.

In 2008 (according to the American Gaming Association), casinos have employed over 375,000 jobs. That is not including sporting events, race tracks, and lotteries. The AGA also stated that eighty-five percent of casino employees find their job "satisfying", and about half plan to stay working their within the next ten years. With a government controlled gambling system, the number of jobs available would increase drastically.

The last reason why gambling is a good thing, is the amount of money it brings into the state. Casino worker's wages totaled over $14 billion. These wages go directly back out into the consumer economy. Commercial casino revenue totaled at $32.54 billion. Money gained by taxes for the state is also in the multi-billion dollar range.

So gambling is not all about having fun and blowing money, but about getting money back into the economy. Having gambling nationwide would at least triple the number of jobs available, and double the tax revenue gained for the states. Laws could also be made to lower the rate of gambling abuse. These are reasons why gambling is a good thing to have.

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