Friday, March 6, 2009

Illegal Aliens Hurting our Country

Immigration is legal in America if you go through the correct proceedings to become a citizen. Many immigrants that come to the United States slide by these proceedings and sneak right in. They have been able to slip past because of the many “Sanctuary cities.” These cities such as Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, and Salt Lake City are saying that all immigrants shall be treated equally and police officers do not have the right to search if they suspect an immigrant to be illegal or not. This is wrong because it takes away chances for Americans to get jobs, it hurts our economy overall, and it raises crime rates .

Illegal immigrants are hurting legal citizens chances for jobs. They do this by making citizen afraid of asking for raises or such things like that. “If I ask for money, the bosses say, 'I can get a young girl who is faster and cheaper,'" she says. "The bosses have power over illegals. They know they're afraid and not going to ask for overtime, even though I know the law says they should get it." (Patricia Morena, Los Angeles Times 12) This goes to show that immigrants have control in job aspects that many actual citizens need to live. Immigrants coming to our country illegally and being able to get a job because they will work for less is not right, fair, or legal to do to legal citizens.

Immigrants also hurt our economy as a whole. The NRC study estimated that immigration was responsible for 44 percent of the decline in wages that high-school dropouts experienced from 1980 to 1994. (Steven A. Camarota, Public Interest) This shows that immigrants decline our wages, which therefore hurts our economy. Many immigrants also do not pay taxes. Immigrants being here and going onto welfare also raises the taxes Americans have to pay, which in turn, affect our economy greater.

Illegal aliens do not just take jobs away from Americans, hurt or economy, but they also raise our crime rates. Immigration and Naturalization Service official stated: "Illegal aliens are involved in one-third of the rapes and murders and one-fourth of the burglaries in San Diego County. In Orange County they account for over half the homicides....Aliens are responsible for about 90 percent of the narcotics traffic....Four hundred illegal aliens a month are added to the California prison system for various crimes." (The New American) This information was just in California alone and was in 1987. Following years have had these problems become much, much worse. They come to America thinking everything is going to be so easy but it’s not. So what they decide to do is go and rob something so they can eat or survive. What makes it worse are these “sanctuary rights.” Even if an illegal immigrant does get arrested the police are not allowed to investigate if they are a legal citizen or not, which creates even more havoc.

As you can see illegal aliens being in our country is not the greatest thing for our country. It actually hurts it. Government needs to become more strict on the situation and control immigration. This will help out our country a great deal and could also help out poverty in our country.

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John Connor said...

This is an interesting view? But, it does give students an incentive to get a college degree.

LovableLoser said...

How do these sanctuary cities get away with not following federal immigration laws? I'll bet you that if a stipulation had been put into the "stimulus" bill (which is a whole other issue) stating that any city not enforcing federal immigration laws is ineligible for stimulus money, these cities would begin enforcement.

hebrews12 said...

I think another good poing for this argument is that illegal immigrants "cut in line" from citizens who are going through the diffucult process of legalizing their citizenship. It's not fair. They cannot come to our country and jump the line just because their country's government cannot satisfy their needs. said...

Illegal immigrants are a problem in the country... but its not just the immigrants. america is in for some rough times. because of the economy already being in a slump. and the immigrants aren't the only reason for this slump. americans are buying and buying when they have nothing to buy with. we need to learn how to survive on what we need when times are rough and not just go get another credit card because its the convenient thing to do.... and by the way. immigrants also aren't the only ones for increased crime rates. that is a very stereotypical remark. americans cause as much crime as the immigrants do. so dont go generalizing them all as drug lords, thieves, and murderers.