Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Supreme Leader's Response


The Professor said...

I think that the Supreme Leader missed the part that we would change only IF THEY CHANGED! Change can't be just one sided, both sides need to adjust. The Supreme Leader had funky glasses on.

V said...

This all puts America in a quite the precarious position, we have tried good old fashioned "kind words" diplomacy, Bush took a whack at "big stick" diplomacy, and the idea of using "dollar diplomacy" with Iran is not feasible. I know not how one should deal with the volatile middle east and their political tensions, but I daresay that if things continue as they are a much larger and more costly war is inevitable. Peace must be sought through mutual respect and if one side is unwilling to acknowledge the other, the man form the draft board may soon darken your door.

God speed my fellow Americans
your truly,

ace1453 said...

It just seems as if we can't win, it is unfortunate that we have to grasp at straws just to obtain so called "mutual respect." But does anyone have any better ideas?

The Burninator said...

I have to hand it to the Iranians, they pointed out what most Americans overlooked during the election: That change must be real, not simply a buzzword thrown around.

The world is watching our new president right now, and unfortunately he is making us appear weak. First the statement by him that the United States is in fact losing the war on terror, and now this.

Most of us do not see the President's address as being weak, we see it as respectful and diplomatic. However, to others, they see it as a sign that if America is pressured long enough it will simply capitulate, which absolutely destroys our credibility. This is bad, as V said, peace requires mutual respect. No credibility, no respect.

Iran has not respected our position on the security council. They have not respected our mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have not respected any of our diplomatic advances thus far. The only thing Iran has respected is the United States' military might, it is the only thing that keeps them playing somewhat nice. Now that Obama has implied that we our equals and that we only want to solve things with diplomacy, we are losing that one thread of respect.

No, the draft is still all but an impossibility. However, do not be surprised when those terrorist attacks that have been stopped on our soil for going on 8 years now begin to resurface.

wild wx man said...

Well, I would love to live in a world where everyone could hold hands and sing Kum Ba Yah. I would like to think that two countries could talk things over like mature men. But in all reality, I do not see this happening. I feel that we have some long and scary years ahead of us.

Iran is progressing on making nuclear weapons and will probably have one by the end of Obama's first term. Also, Korea is close to nuclear weapons too. But fear not, "we have about 26 hundred more (nukes) than anybody else." And thus begins Cold War II.

During the Cold War, we and the USSR had a "respect" for each other and understood the consequences of nuclear fallout. Again, I would like to think that the Supreme Leader understands the consequences of nuclear weapons. But I just do not think he understands. But if he proves me wrong, the world may be safer. I hope he does.

If we put up blinders and tell ourselves that Iran will respect us if we appease them, we will get the short end of the stick. But if show some muscle, the world may not like us, but when have we really cared about what the world thought? Also, showing some muscle may begin nuclear winter.

So I guess we need a mixture. We should talk first. Try peace. Try to take it like mature men. But I doubt that will work. They hate us deep down inside and the majority of America feel the same way about them. Someone will be naive or immature. Then we have to decide: preemptive assault with the full military might of the sleeping giant due to a refusal of peace by Iran or wait for Iran to nuke either Israel or us. I just do not know what I would do...

curlycue said...

It will take alot of time and effort (on both sides) to solve the strained relationship between the US and Iran

critter said...

The types of change everyone is looking for isn't going to happen over night. These things take time. people can't expect everything to be totally hunky dory with in the first three - four months of a new president.