Monday, October 19, 2009

Feds to Stop Medical Marijuana Prosecution


Madonna Wayne Gacy said...

Seriously, the feds kill me with their inconsistency with marijuana.

Ok, so at worst, you can argue that it's about as dangerous as alcohol. Wouldn't that lead to the discussion of "eh, why not?" when it comes to legalization.

But instead, they feel the need to dance around a prohibition-like country. Why, I have no clue.

Like COME ON, let's talk about the simple 7% tax, then you could get MASSIVE amounts of money on it. It would be ridiculous. Not to mention all the costs that would be eliminated from keeping non-violent criminals in prison, and their prosecution etc.

Like seriously, we could lift SO much debt off of the government if we did that. But, instead we've somehow managed to indoctrinate through D.A.R.E.

Congrats public education, you've done it again!

Scrubs said...

I think marijuana should be legalized. Not just medical marijuana but actual legit drug marijuana. I do not use it but i think that it could be very helpful medically speaking and if it became leagalized it could be taxed and be a huge economy boost. Prostitution I think would have the same effect. If the government made them go in for checkups once a month and use protection, I dont see why we cant tax people who want to sell their bodies for money? Both of these could cause HUGE economy boosts!!!

Germ-x said...

I say just legalize it. Not because I want to use it by any means but like scrubs said, they can tax the heck out of it and boost our economy. If it's against your morals, then guess what, dont use it. It's simple as that.