Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama Sees Approval Slide in His Third Quarter


Marmaduke Maximillian Winchester III said...

Nebraska's offense slid in the third quarter too. 3 Turnovers ouch hahaha

(I know this doesn't count as a extra-credit point. It was funny though huh?)

Jane Austen said...

I'm not really surprised at all to see his approval ratings drop this low. But I don't think the fault is Obama's entirely. Factors such as our economy have a definite play due to the lack of action being taken to fix them. The fact that he's introducing the health care reform is probably the biggestthing against him, what with everyone being so divided on the issue. Obama also hasn't really somewhat acted on the promises he made except for healthcare, but even on that topic there doesn't seem to be much progress. All in all, his approval slide was something totally predictable.

Reaper said...

Shouldn't this slide be expected. I think even Obama knew that his ratings would drop when he started pushing for health care reform. It only makes sense that his ratings are now around 50% as health care is greatly and evenly divided. Most of the people are probably going to determine how Obama is doing based on whether or not they agree with his health care plans which is his main topic around these times.