Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huskers Storm Back for 27-12 Win - Athletics Official Web Site

Huskers Storm Back for 27-12 Win - Athletics Official Web Site

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Marmaduke Maximillian Winchester III said...

Oh please. Nebraska got EXTREMELY lucky. If Mizzou's QB wasn't playing with a hurt ankle that OBVIOUSLY affected his play the outcome would have been different. We'll see how good NE is later on in the season but I still think they are overrated.

Mr. Keller said...

Oh come on Marmaduke! Maybe you forget the reason for his ankle injury...SUH and The Nebraska Defense!

The injury was a part of the game and the Tigers inability to protect their quaterback.

You may be right that they are overrated, but please don't waste precious blog space by making excuses for losing at home on national television.

Would of... Should of... but they didn't win did they? Go Huskers!

Marmaduke Maximillian Winchester III said...

I couldn't care less that Mizzou lost. Remember I'm an Notre Dame fan. The Big 12 in general is a joke. As you well know the South has dominated the conference for years and this trivial games mean nothing in the scheme of things. Good luck getting dominated by OU when you play them for the Big 12 Championship...that is assuming you make it there :)

Mister T said...

Hey watch it! The big 12 is not a joke. Plus, let's not forget that Nebraska was soooo close to beating VA tech, who ended up beating Miami. If we would have won that game, we would have easily ended up in the top 10. Oh yeah, we obviously are going to be in the big 12 championship and will get dominated by TEXAS not Oklahoma.