Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Illegal Immigration in the United States

Immigration is commomly defined as the act of entering a new country to settle permanently. Immigration is becoming a major issue in many countries including the united states. One major issue in the United States is that some people think that immigration is a good thing. Well, it is under some circumstances. The united States was built off of immigration. When immigrants enter illegally, our government needs to step in. There is an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. The majority of illegal immigrants in the United States come from Latin America, mostly Mexico.

Illegal immigrants compete with the citizens of the U.S. for jobs which causes problems with unemployment in the U.S. These immigrants usually settle for undesirable or hard jobs at very low wages. This allows illegal immigrants to secure jobs that citizens cannot, based on the simple fact of cheap labor. Many of the illegal immigrants that get through easily secure jobs as maids, toilet cleaners, ditch diggers, fruit pickers, pool cleaners, carpenters, brick layers and roofers. Although some of these are sufficiently compensated middle-class jobs, illegal immigrants are able to do the same work for very low wages, therefore ruining the local job economy. Besides the local job economy issue, illegal immigrants pose another problem to governments as they will do anything to find work after getting through. Some of these immigrants are employed in the sex trade increasing illegal prostitution and the eventual threat of sexually transmitted disease.

Within the current economic conditions there are many employers who are willing to employ illegal immigrants for the lower wages they would work for. Therefore the incentive for people to cross borders illegally is currently more than it has ever been before.

The US constitution states that it will protect all citizens from invaders and illegal immigrants should be classified as invaders since they cross US borders illegally. The problem occurs when state sectors such as healthcare and education are drastically affected by the large ammount of illegal immigrants claiming it for free.

In California alone, some 50 hospitals have been forced to close down due to the fact that they could not turn a profit. This was mainly due to the free care given to illegal immigrants. Also Illegal immigrants' children born in the US are American citizens and they often attend US schools. Research indicates that illegal immigrant parents want their children to be educated in Spanish and not English, forcing these schools to spend millions of dollars on Spanish education. Some illegal immigrants cause violent crimes and end up in US prisons, paid for by US taxpayers.

Some research states that more illegal immigrant mothers gave birth in California alone than American taxpaying citizens. When an illegal immigrant gives birth within the United States the baby is a citizen of America and therefore cannot be deported. However since the baby requires a primary caregiver, generally the mother and some relatives also become citizens. Although the US constitution states that illegal immigrants cannot enter the country and live in the US, limited resources allow them to migrate and make use of the rights and facilities given to and paid for by US citizens. So remember, how would you feel if you didn't get a job because an illegal alien said he would do it for a lesser wage?

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iambroken said...

How would I feel? I would be angry and felt violated for the illegal immigrants to take what should have been my job and maybe even my career. But I do have to say, my family are immigrants, not illegal, so I understand about the whole immigration process and moving into a totally different and new country. My parents have worked really hard to get to where they are now. They own their own business, they started from the bottom and worked there way up. At my parents business, there was an illegal mexican working there but my parents had no idea until the cops called and told them she was using someone else's social security and was not a citizen in the US. My parents fired her immediately, she even had a 5 year old boy who she brought to work everyday. Which is also illegal. To conclude, ILLEGAL immigrants should be banned from the country, but if you EARN your citizenship, it is ok. Ever since 9/11 there has been a lot more security which makes it harder for people to immigrate here.