Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twitter: free speech or not


This article is about two men who where arrested for sending messages over twitter to protesters about what the police where doing so that they could avoid arrest. Both were arrested on the charges of avoiding arrest, using public communication sites criminally, and possessing criminal instruments. This article deals with government because if the case goes to trial, as Jeffrey Toobin the CNN senior legal analyst said "it could form a test of whether new communications technologies are instruments of free speech -- or of illegality."
Legally Blonde


iambroken said...

This is ridiculous. Getting arrested for using Twitter? Really? It is a social networking site therefore you socially network amongst your friends. The guy was simply trying to help out the protesters and warn them, twitter is free speech. It's the fastest way to receive information. You can find out about a traffic accident on the interstate or a major earthquake that happened in California. It is a useful resource and they should have not gotten arrested.

Cap N. Crunch said...

I too believe that these men should not have been arrested. They were trying to help their friends out on a site where you are supposed to inform your friends on what you are doing. In my one year of driving so far I have seen many drivers in the on coming traffic flash their light to warn other drivers that their is a cop ahead trying to catch those who speed. Should the driver flashing their lights be arrested? I don't think so. Maybe that wasn't a good example but i don't think these two men should have been arrested.