Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pro-Choice, Not Pro-Abortion

In the abortion war, it's quite easy to find yourself on two equally insane sides: for or against. But the entire argument doesn't have to be this black and white. If one wants to find real solution for the problem, then we should be finding common ground in this debate. The liberal argument is that you can't stop abortions, and it's a woman's right to privacy. The conservative argument is that everybody has a right to life. The thing that's being lost in these absolutist views is that both sides don't want high amounts of abortions. The liberal argument isn't saying "We love abortions!", which is what the conservative argument hears.

So all of us want lower abortions, what can we possibly do with this? The only way that is seen (for the most part) to lower abortions is to make it illegal, or put a cap per woman on it. That route simply will not work. If you even begin you try do either of those, ACLU will have a tantrum, not to mention the obnoxiously morally grayness of it all.

So what is possible for us all to do if we want to lower abortion numbers without bluntly making it illegal? The fixing of the situation requires one approach to the situation: education.

When it comes to young women, there is a distinct correlation between higher education and abortion rates. This basically means, the better educated a woman is, the less likely a teen pregnancy is to happen, thus lowering the chances for abortion. So, if we simply educated women (essentially educated the entire country) better, the abortion rates should fall.

The other major section of society that has abortions is women who, because of economic situations, pretty much have to have an abortion. If they had the child, they couldn't pay the hospital bills, the daycare bills, the food, the clothes, etc of the child. So the only way to fix this situation is to raise the economic situation. But how do we raise the economic situation? Education.

The abortion war is simply not as black and white as it would seem. We all want abortion rates to fall, but the only question is how. A simple answer is education. If we educate our women, we can lower the need for abortions with poor women and teens. This would give our country a far more "pro-life" disposition, while still acting within the "pro-choice" requirements.

-Madonna Wayne Gacy

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Mister T said...

let's not forget that abortion isn't the only solution to prevent pregnant teens from raising children at a young age. Since abortion has been legalized, 35 million unborn babies have been killed. I can understand that it isn't a good idea to let a 16 year old parent raise a child, but do we have to kill the babies to do this? There is a better solution then abortion, it is called closed adoptions. This is when the baby is taken right from birth, cared for, and put up for adoption. This allows the baby to have the oppurtunity to live and have loving parents. the only time abortion should be allowed is in two cases:

1. if the woman was raped, and

2. if the woman would die in childbirth.

otherwise, with the option of closed adoptions for unwanted babies instead, the practice of abortion shouldn't be needed. No matter how inconvenient the pregnancy is, children are a gift, and the government shouldn't be left to decide whether or not an unborn baby lives or dies.

Titan24 said...

I agree with Mister T. Adoptions most of the time cost nothing to the biological mother if the adoptive parents pay for prenatal care as well. Education would be a good attempt, but education about what? Abortion or Sex Ed? Health classes already teach about abstinence and contraception but it hasn't made a significant difference.

I am pro-choice, because I believe a woman should be able to choose what she does with her body and that it is sometimes neccessary in the situations Mister T mentioned, but I also believe in the great alternatives to abortions, such as adoption, birth control, and abstinence.