Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis

    For around 4,000 years Cannabis have been used in medical purposes. Up till now it has been in use especially for the main diseases/illnesses of our century (e.g. Lung/Breast Cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer's). Unfortunately, most of our government doesn't trust the people and don't recognize that Cannabis can be used for medicine. Our government is afraid of the country abusing Medical Cannabis by smoking the cannabis. Even with how effective cannabis can be against our century's current major diseases.

    Cannabis would be helpful in so many ways to help victims. It would allow HIV/AIDS victims to eat more and relieve there pain. While for cancer victims it would prevent the growth of tumors. At the same time, it can reduce the spreading pf some forms of cancer like Breast Cancer. All of these studies shouldn't just be pushed aside because of fear.

    President Obama promised the country to have the DEA lay off on the raids of Medical Cannabis Clubs. Sadly that promise was broken last March when a Medical Cannabis Club was raided by the DEA with no reason. When asked of why the facility was raided the field agent in charge only replied by, "The club violated both federal and state laws, and no more details can be announced." Once the owner was asked he stated that his club didn't violate any of the federal or state laws.

    With past studies it has been proven medically that Cannabis contains no addictive properties. Unfortunately, due to the Misuse of Drugs Act of 1971 classifies cannabis as a Class B Drug and prohibited. However, there has been no recorded fatality from any dosage.

     Medical cannabis can do so much to help the victims of our century's diseases. So please I ask a favor to all who read this to think of the families and our country's great celebrities who has been a victim.

- Hoopz

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upright funk said...

wow, i agree with you completely. I believe it should be legalized all together but definitely the first step would be making medicinal marijuana legal. You did use the word cannibus alot though