Wednesday, September 16, 2009

" Republican March On Washington" by pprus915

Saturday, September 12th, Washington D.C., the West Front of the Capitol was overflowing with protesters, as many as 2 million. The loud and determined mob was another in a series of 'Tea Party' protests that have been galvanizing a populist movement within the Republican party and conservatives all summer. The crowd was rallied by invocations of God and former President Reagan, and stirred to raucous cheering by Republican lawmakers who joined the rally, such as Rep. Tom Price who shouted over the din, "You will not spend the money of our children and our grandchildren to feed an overstuffed government." Also, dozens of signs were visible praising Rep. Joe Wilson who shouted out, "You lie!" during President Obama's joint address of Congress last week. These events have all sprung from the fact that obama our new African American president of the United States which is a drastic change its self has decided to push for a healthcare reform, and some people aren't used to change.

There are two sides to and argument in any debate and i want to argue both sides of them. President Obama broke racial and societal barriers when he ran and won the canidacy for president in November of 2008. He has since taken on the role as the president of the United States and as his campaign slogan stated he is aiming for change. President Obama is the first major president for change in at least 30 years and in this time there have been republican and democratic presidents that have caused many problems that have hurt the goverment's infastructure. The flaws they have created are now up to president obama to fix.

Being the notorious president for change has requiered him to change and mend the govemment's infastructure. The opposing side would like to say that president obama is a young inexperienced president who has high hopes for change and mending the goverment that he can not live up to. The republicans think that the president and his ideas are change that is unnessacary at a delicate time such as the present cituation with the recession and the severe job losses. The republicans have always had the idea that america has  great infastructure that does not need change but needs slight adjustments. Over the centuries the republicans have become more conservative but in the past the were for  rights for women and slaves and etc. Republicans claim they dont discriminate but with other presidents of the united states of white american nationality the resentment wasnt as strong.

Saturday, September 12th to republicans was a mear cry out for attention. They lost some of there powers in the goverment and they wanted to get there point across that they were not in approval of the healthcare reform that president Obama was proposing. The galvanist have a idea and they want it to be heard they lost the presidency and its only fair that some of there ideas be heard and if they have to bring 2 million people to the nations capital to protest they will do it. Its a natural person especially americans objective is to express there opinion thus the phrase"freedom of speech". What the republicans did was justified by the constitiution and the opinions of the two million that marched and the others that agreed with them.

So I ask you fellow blog reader what do u think was the march on washington in opposition of healthcare a republican cry for help or a republican scandal to make the democratic president look bad?


Reaper said...

I really don't think that the Republicans were really doing anything to far in depth other than trying to make their voice heard. People have marched for many causes and the Republicans marching on Washington against healthcare is no different. The Republicans march is no different.

Brendan Fahey said...

To answer your question: NEITHER.

This march on Washington isn't some partisan stunt by the Republicans as some attempt to grab power.

No, these are 2 million ordinary citizens who stood up and decided that enough is enough, that they wanted their voices to be heard.

Why did they do this? Because news media such as MSNBC and CNN have constantly described the town hall meetings over the summer as a belligerent mob unworthy of their own opinions supposedly fabricated by the Republican party. Their senators and representatives had the AUDACITY to insult their own constituents and tell them they were on the fringe and their opinions were irrelevant. They were sick of being told they didn't matter and decided to stand up for what they believed in, and they decided to utilize the rights granted to them by our Constitution.

I saw several comments in your article that suggested that this opposition is arising from the idea that we've had too much change because Obama happens to be black. You qualified this by saying the republicans opposition wasn't as strong with other presidents in recent years. Perhaps that's because our 43rd president WAS a republican. And please, do not equate slavery and women's suffrage with a health care bill, the two issues are night and day, health care is not a civil liberties issue.

Furthermore, THIS IS NOT A RACIAL ISSUE. Period. This is about a government who is trying to shove legislation that will directly effect at least 1/6th of our economy in a matter of months. This is about a government that has already hiked our national deficit dramatically. This is a government that promised unemployment of no higher than 8% with their stimulus bill, yet unemployment has nearly reached 10%. This is about WE THE PEOPLE who cannot trust a government that cannot manage unemployment, social security, or even welfare, to manage 1/6th of our economy. Change we can believe in, indeed.

To continue to pretend that these tea party protesters are mere puppets of the republican party, or to demonize them by deeming them all racists, will only divide this nation even more.

Our Founding Fathers intended for massive political or economic change to be slow and careful, and only by consent of the vast majority of the people. Well, it is high time the President and our legislature answered to the people. But if they decide to continue to marginalize the protesters, make no mistake, they sow the seeds of their own political destruction.