Wednesday, September 16, 2009

President Carter's Remarks


You said...

How is former President Carter's Comment any differnet from Rep. Wilson's comment? It may not be the same word, but nowadays it has the same ammount of power in it. Does this also mean that anyone who disagrees with someone from another racial background is automatically racist? Does that mean that the current President Obama is untouchable because the people who disagree with him don't support him because they're racist? In my opinion, the racism that there existed some 60 years ago, either hardly exists in average society anymore, or has taken a new form. Until people can give up such a casual use of the word "racist," racism will still exist in American society.
I think if Wilson deserved to make an apology, so does former pres. Carter.

MachV said...

What's so shocking about this isn't the comment that was made, but the fact that it came from former president carter. We talked in class about how we haven't seen too many examples of racism in protests, but then again, we do live in Papillion...Nebraska. Somewhere in the country there have probably been protests that might have involved racist comments, ie the old lady during the McCain rally that made the comment that she was scared of Obama becoming president becuase he was a Muslim, so obviously we still haven't fully resolved our prejudices. However, i think that President Obama will make progress during his presidency, if not by fixing what ails the country, at least by being the first African American president.

Mr. A-Z said...

Former President Carter's comments did seem to have a racial undertone to them, but you have to take into consideration of his background. I'm not saying what he said is correct at all, but him growing up in the south might have that effect on him. I do believe he was trying to saying things for the whole country, that not necessarily everyone believes in, such as an African American is not fit to be president of the United State. Although that sounds bad, i don't think President Carter meant those comments in the way they were viewed by public.