Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Supreme Court justices question campaign finance law | csmonitor.com

Supreme Court justices question campaign finance law | csmonitor.com

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Reaper said...

The idea of letting corportaions spend money to help in political campaigns is very interesting. For one thing it would probably make elections a lot more interesting in that there would be more advertising for candidates and corporations would more easily be able to have there voice heard in government. Corporation donations to campaign funding would make a more significant individual impact on the campaign of candidates so that the canadidates would persue the issues that these corporations want persued. While some may say that individuals would be drowned out by the donations of corporation, the individuals contributions are already limited to such a meager amount that each individuals contribution is drowned out by the masses of other individuals contributions. Individuals would be able to invest in corporations that support certain political issues and the mass of this money together would make peoples issues more important to candidates who are seeking the funds of these corporations that back those certain issues.

charizard said...

I think that if a person is in support of a political party, they have the right to donate money to the cause. If corporations want to get involved then i think its not a big issue. On the other hand, the situation is alot like federal government. If the national government and the state governemt become more powerful, then the say of the people is washed away. If big corporations are funding all the campaigns, how do the people show their support?