Monday, September 7, 2009

Will the world end if the Troops come home?
One of the biggest debates that "invites" emotions and misunderstanding is the usage and purpose of the troops in the middle east. Many want to bring them home because the war seems to be hard and breathe taking. Others feel that the troops should stay in Iraq and Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East to finish what they started. Why would you pull out of something when the going gets tough? Is that what America is built from? I don't remember the 13 original colonies backing down when we faced a Goliath named Great Britain. We had no business fighting THE superpower of the world. How about the World Wars? Did we back down because it was a little rough? Vietnam? NO! We didn't. That's not what this country is made of. Can it honestly be believed that everyone wanted our troops over seas it past wars. It can be guaranteed that not everyone approved of these wars or our affiliation with them. Why has our nation gotten softer? I believe we have avoided and overcome many problems through pure intimidation. What happens when the spy planes and satellites hover over our nukes? Do you think we hide them? NO! We show off our big guns and say, "Don't mess with me or I'll end your existence". Our military is in Iraq to ensure that those unfortunate people can one day have the same liberties and freedoms we as Americans do. If America backs out, what's stopping these dangerous people from taking over? The U.S. backing out shows weakness. Some say, "Well there's no progress, and the soldiers are exhausted and endangered, and why risk our own troops, and there are no WMD, and it costs to much, and blah blah blah." Come on people. Yes it is a struggle, yes it is dangerous and it's a risk to all, but why let all that has happened be in vain. Thousands have died; American soldiers and citizens. Don't let the war end cause of all the cons. If we stay and finish what we started, we honor those that gave their lives for the good of the Middle East. We're training the Iraqi forces and showing them how to handle these problems. There's strength in numbers, the more we have on our side, the faster this dilemma well become resolved. Withdrawal of troops in the Middle East will lead to each nation eating itself alive through terrorism. Let's stay and establish a democracy. Show the Middle East that we're not a force to be played with.
Some can argue and give great reasons as to why we should bring out troops home. For one, we tried. Its seems like no matter how much we try to show the greatness and benefits of a democracy, many in Iraq don't want it. They see the anti-terrorist force more of an endangerment then what it was already before. Study shows that the death toll has increased since our affiliation with this war. And two, can we honestly say we're winning? That's tricky in all areas. This has been almost as a shocking experience as the Vietnam War. We will take you on any day in a conventional war. In a conventional war with conventional armies, we will dominate you any day of the week. Here's your army and here's mine, this is your area and this is mine. We will bomb the crap out of you and if you survive we'll send in our troops to stomp the life out of you.  That's our idea war, but not necessarily how it is now. Now we have soldiers dressed like everyday citizens hiding in an urban area. We have to go look for the enemy in homes and populated areas and not just placing a laser of their forehead and wait for a bomb to pop their zit. This is where we started to lose so many troops. Just like Vietnam. We'd try to bomb and burn them out, but those chances were unlikely. We found it hard to ever find the enemy and when we did they were on home court and knew every way to counter our intentions. There were Viet Cong everywhere for heaven sakes! The U.S. had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. We didn't step back to look and think about the situation. The French went in and were spanked like sissy school girls. They finally quit and went home, only to have us go in all gung ho until Nixon got fed up and said no more. The reason we were in Vietnam in the first place was to stop the spread of communism, but it didn't seem to work out that way. Maybe withdrawal isn't such a bad idea. We having trouble find the enemy and fight as well because it's an urban area. It's a whole new ball game. Our troops know that and get more and more nervous to step out on the streets and have a brain washed child fire an AK-47 at them or step on an IED. Whole new ball game. Why let them suffer like that? If your shot at, shoot back. Could you shot and kill a 10-year-old what's been brain washed? Would you want to step out on those streets knowing it could be your last? Many can't. Including those over seas….
Can we adapt and overcome or should we bring our troops home from a never-ending war? Tricky huh?

~Abran M.~


RiceBowl said...

Okay first of all I believe that the U.S did pull out of Vietnam, that is why there is one communist nation now inside of two separate countries like the Koreas. Second off I'm having a hard time trying to figure out your stance, you start off saying we should stay then at the end you mention that pulling out isn't such a bad idea.

Mister T said...

How bout a compromise? Since the war in Iraq is the more winnable of the two, (no mountains, and less IED's) we stay in there, and pull out of Afghanistan. (tons of mountains and IED's). Plus, victory in Iraq would be very rewarding. It is very oil rich, and a strategic location in the Mideast. If we stay in and win in Iraq, we would have a lasting ally in the Mideast, and cheaper oil! What a great combo! Afghanistan on the other hand, if British in the 1800's and the Soviet horde in the 1980's couldn't conquer it, neither can we. So, stay in Iraq, pull out of Afghanistan. Perfect solution