Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gardasil: the Utterly Pointless Vaccine

Gardasil is a vaccine that theoretically is to prevent Cervical Cancer. Cervical Cancer is a disease in which the cells of the cervix become abnormal and start to grow uncontrollably, forming tumors. You are to take three shots to get the full effect of the Gardasil vaccine within a 6 month time frame. There also is a commercial advertising it and their motto is “One Less”, “I want to be one less with Cervical Cancer.” This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to you who are reading this, but what if I told you that Gardasil “causes 400% more deaths than Menactra anti-meningitis shot”! Menactra anti-meningitis is a shot for “a form of meningococcal disease, is a serious bacterial infection. Unlike viral meningitis, it can potentially kill an otherwise healthy young person within 1 day after the first symptoms appear.” Gardasil also “was associated with twice as many emergency room visits, four times as many deaths, four times as many heart attacks, seven times as many "disabled" reports and 15 times as many strokes. All reported cases of blood clots and heart attacks associated with Gardasil occurred when the vaccine was given alone, not in conjunction with other drugs.”


Now that I have your attention: Gardasil’s main problem is it is not needed and yet the FDA and Merck keep pressuring 9-26 year old girls (as well as males) to get it and then some of the injected get these horrible side effects. Why would they do this? Chiefly because of money, Gardasil is one of the most expensive vaccines out there. How do I know that Gardasil is not needed?  

Well Gardasil is supposed to prevent 4 HPV strains, but there is an FDA document from March 31, 2003 that states that “The FDA news release of March 31, 2003 acknowledges that "most infections (by HPV) are short-lived and not associated with cervical cancer", in recognition of the advances in medical science and technology since 1988.” So what is the point if HPV doesn’t cause Cervical Cancer? Not only is Gardasil completely futile, but the FDA put Gardasil on “a fast track process within six months of testing. Fast-track approval is a process reserved for life-saving products with the potential to fill an unmet medical need, such as new cancer treatments or AIDS drugs”. The FDA knew from 2003 (officially) that HPV doesn’t cause Cervical Cancer and yet they made a vaccine to prevent HPV stains and released the product 3 years early! “Though approved for marketing by the FDA in May 2006, Merck’s HPV Vaccine, Gardasil, is still in the testing stages, and will not be fully evaluated for safety until September 2009”. You would think that the doctors wouldn’t give this shot out without the proper research done on it, because they are normally held responsible if a child ends up dying or getting severely injured from a vaccine suggested by them. Also the Gardasil website constantly says “For more information on GARDASIL, talk to your doctor or healthcare professional.” But the problem is that most doctors don’t know enough about the vaccine and just blindly recommend it to girls because the FDA says it’s okay.  

Most people would assume that this shot would be safe for their young daughter because she is not yet sexually active, but it actually says on the medical insert that cancers may appear in 5-10 years as a side effect. Also don’t think that you’re daughter’s safe if she is sexually active because research that shows that the shot raises the “risk of Cervical Cancer for sexually active girls by 44.6%”. It isn’t safe for anyone!   


Why am I telling you all these facts about a vaccine that is ineffective, not properly tested, and is not safe? Because there are a bunch of girls out there who are losing their lives because of the side affects! 9,749 reported complaints have been giving to the FDA and that was back in 2006 when Gardasil first came out. Also “safety experts, estimate that only between 1% and 10% of adverse effects are reported” so imagine all of the girls getting hurt who aren’t reporting!


My friend, Shelby Jones, was one of the people who were hurt by Gardasil. She got dizzy, fainted often (falling and hurting herself), and couldn’t eat most things without throwing it up. She had to go to California twice for treatment and knows of many other girls who are dying or were disabled because of this shot. While getting treatments (that lasted for two years) for these concerning symptoms, all of the doctors would ask her what she thought it was and when she said Gardasil, all but one called her a liar, claimed she was addicted to morphine, or just laughed. It was an awful place to be because she had nearly everyone against her while dealing with all of the physical pain. Most people aren’t aware of this vaccine and the damage it is causing, please help to spread the word.    




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Madonna Wayne Gacy said...

You've probably heard of this book already, but Overdo$ed America basically covers the same concept as you blogged about. It's kinda like 1984, find a way to unnecessarily consume resources.

Almost everything that we do can be fixed naturally people! We DON'T need medicine to artificially do things to our bodies when we can do it NATURALLY!

It's like diamonds vs fake diamonds. Does artificial hold any real value?

Where the Wild Things Are said...

The bottom line for me is that Gardisil hasn't had enough time to be treated and that's why people have been taking it. If they knew that doctors didn't know for sure if Gardisil really helped they probably wouldn't take it. The part in the article where it said doctors really didn't know freaked me out because I would want to trust my doctor for anything.

Germ-x said...

This article scared the heck out of me. I have actually gotten all three of these shots and now that I know i was actually increasing my risks and health is quite frightening. Thank goodness I'm done with it and nothing bad happened to me.

Pirate For Hire said...

This article is frightening for me as I have received all three doses of the Gardisil vaccination. When I went in to get a booster for an existing shot it was recommended that I get the Gardisil shot as well. Not knowing any of the information presented in this article my dad had me get the shot and I was on my way. Knowing the information I do now I may not have made the same decision. Shouldn't we trust the FDA and our doctors to be looking out for our health? If they may actually be harming us who can we turn to for sound medical advice?

Snuffleupagus said...

I've had all three vaccinations of the Gardisil shot and honestly, if I was told all of this information, I don't think I would have received the shots. I've heard of many parents not vaccinating their children because of some side effects which I thought was funny because the side effects seemed minimal, but these side effects scare me a bit.

After reading this, I feel like I've been left out of important information that I should have been informed of before getting the shot.