Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Iraq War


            According to the associated press count there are a reported 4,344 deaths in Iraq as of Monday 9/14/09.  This count has been gathered since March 2003, the start of the war.  The war in Iraq has caused much more than deaths.  A count of the total revenue lost in the war has skyrocketed to close to $600 billion dollars.  At the beginning before the war, White house executives estimated cost at $100 to $200 billion.  These numbers speak for themselves and many Americans have realized the downfall to this war.  It was necessary for us to invade Iraq after the 9/11 attack, but what are we doing now?  Some might say defending our country and trying to isolate countries who cause threats.  Most will say the war is getting old and these countries no longer impose threat to America.  Our military is now in countries in the Middle East trying to accomplish similar goals as in Iraq.  Our government needs to end this war and start mobilizing troops back to the United States.  My dad is in the army and has been to Kuwait.  I believe in supporting my dad, and the troops, but not the war we are in.  Even though we are starting to pull out soldiers we still are sending units over.  Hopefully now with President Obama in office, people will see how we need to focus on issues in America and stay out of foreign countries unless total necessary.


Written by: Wanton Soup       



MAIN Link: http://money.cnn.com/2008/01/10/news/economy/costofwar.fortune/index.htm   

Other links:  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/iraq



MachV said...

I agree that above all, we should support our troops. Even though the war has seemed to drag,however, i think that we should at least see it through to completion. While President Obama has put into effect plans to reduce the number of troops in Iraq, i believe that the solution lies in continuing to secure the new government of Iraq, continuing to increase the local training and participation in the military, and through the UN establishing a "protective parenthood" of sorts over Iraq, until the new government becomes proficient. This would require the help of other nations besides the US and would help to ensure the stabillity and prosperity of Iraq.

Mister T said...

yes, 4 thousand people died, but this is nothing compared to other war. For instance, in the civil war, in one day, 25 thousand americans died in the battle of Antietam. Plus, it isn't right for us to go in Iraq and just run back out without finishing up what we started. Though it may be up for debate if it was good to go into Iraq, it is too late to just pull out of Iraq, and let it fall into complete chaos. That would just be completely irresponsible.